Scrub Island

Scrub Island opened in 2010 as the first new luxury hotel development in the BVI in 15 years. The ­private-island resort is located about one mile off the east coast of Tortola on a 230-acre landmass visited by Christopher Columbus some 500 years ago. (Legend has it that the island’s name comes from the pirates […]

Connoisseur’s Guide to Chartering a Yacht

Choosing a charter yacht can be one of the most liberating experiences in travel. Unlike resorts or cruise ships, which come with prepackaged deals and itineraries, charter yachts come in countless shapes and sizes with crews ready to custom design a week or more onboard to your specific taste and desires. The biggest mistake that […]

Falcon’s Nest Villa at Peter Island Resort

The Resort: In the 1960s, Norwegian businessman Torolf Smedvig built a series of A-frame chalets on his 1,800-acre Caribbean isle and opened the property as Peter Island Resort. Smedvig’s exclusive retreat—located across the Sir Francis Drake Channel from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands—has been updated and expanded over the years, and today features clusters […]

2005 Holiday Host Guide: The Big Bang

The invitations have been sent. The caterer and band have been selected. And long before the party plans were completed, arrangements were made for geysers of colored fire to erupt and blossoms of incandescence to open across the darkened sky, and for the display to culminate in a crescendo that presses the limits of the […]