Classé Sigma Series Expands With New 350W Mono Amplifier

Montréal, Canada—October 2,  2015—Classé has announced the expansion of its popular Sigma series to include a new monaural amplifier. The first three Sigma series models, launched earlier this year, were designed to deliver a compelling performance and feature set at prices below the entry level of other high-end brands but within easy reach for anyone considering […]

Ultimate Bespoke Hi Fi from Metaxas & Sins

Metaxas Audio was formed in 1981 and has been the reference for many high-end Hi Fi magazines worldwide. Almost 30 years after its first introduction into high-end audio folklore, the newly designed and significantly updated Metaxas Power Amplifiers, the Solitaire and Soliloquy Mono-blocks, will once again be available to serious audiophiles, recording engineers and music […]

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