Dedicated auction of the gorgeous glass of Carlo Scarpa

Architect Carlo Scarpa took the traditions of Venetian glassblowing and created some of the 20th century’s most dazzling conceits. A selection of his visionary pieces will be offered at Christie’s in New York Before Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978) began designing some of Italy’s most celebrated modernist buildings, he spent more than 20 years experimenting with Venetian […]

Vase Grip

Lalique’s designs and colors continue to hold the attention of collectors. René Lalique is known for many forms of glass art: statuettes, perfume bottles, and hood ornaments, to name three. But his most popular items were his vases. “He made more vases than he made of anything else,” says David Weinstein, president of the DJL […]

Robb Design Portfolio: Family Trees

Three generations of Atlanta’s Moulthrop family ( have yielded to the allure of wood turning. In the 1970s, after decades of hobbyist wood turning—a process that uses a lathe to transform logs into sculptural vessels—Ed Moulthrop left his successful architectural career and helped lead this burgeoning art movement. His son Philip departed the legal world […]

A Tiger Market

Last November, Peter Bainbridge, of Bainbridges, a small auction house in England, asked his audience to “welcome” a colorful 18th-century Chinese porcelain vase that had been discovered in a modest home in the English countryside. Bidding opened at $1.3 million (the vase did, after all, bear the imperial mark of the Emperor Qianlong), but it […]

A Miraculous Ming China Find

When a blue and white vase showed up at Duke’s auction house in Dorchester, England, in a cardboard box, no one would have guessed it would be a masterpiece dating from China’s Ming Dynasty. The vase, which measured nearly one foot high and was in mint condition, was brought to Duke’s by a Cadbury candies […]