La Dolce Vespa

Seven or eight years ago, while on summer vacation in northern Italy, Gianluca Baldo was stung by a wasp, and he was never the same again. A friend surprised him with the gift of a vintage 1976 PX 200 Vespa—because vespa means “wasp” in Italian. It was not the same model as the Vespa scooters […]

FrontRunners: The Latest Buzz

The Vespa 946 (,, the brand’s first all-new model in six years, evokes the prototype from 1946 that the Italian industrialist Enrico Piaggio’s namesake company built when he requested a simple vehicle that he could ride without dirtying his clothes. Piaggio thought the resulting two-wheeled scooter resembled a wasp (vespa in Italian), thus the […]

A Two-Wheeled Evolution

Conceived in the aftermath of World War II, at a time when many European countries were attempting to rebuild and restore tattered, downtrodden economies, the modern-day scooter became a vehicle that redefined the streets of many old-world cities. Scooters provided many with inexpensive and reliable transportation, and made the case that creative and stylish two-wheeled […]

FrontRunners: Ship Shape

Mahogany runabouts from the 1960s receive their due from the Digital Veneer Tribute Vespa (, a limited-edition scooter designed by Digital Veneer. The New Zealand–based company manufactures a lightweight material that can be used instead of wood in the construction of boats, aircraft, and autos. The Tribute’s body is made from this material, which, in […]

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