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Ulysse Nardin Welcomes the Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year, which is based on a lunar rather than a solar calendar, fell on January 31 this year, and Ulysse Nardin celebrated the occasion with the release of the Classico Horse, the third in a series of enamel-dial watches that pay tribute to the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The watch, which […]

Arcade Attractions

While there is nothing unusual about a watch company CEO creating special-edition timepieces based on a personal passion, the idea came as a complete surprise to the executives of the Taito and Namco Bandai Games corporations. These companies are the respective producers of the early 1980s classic Space Invaders and Pac-Man video games, two longtime […]

Additive Value

All the traditional decorative arts in watchmaking—engraving, guillochage, enameling, and jeweling—have been mixed together freely since the birth of the craft. In fact, it was during this early period in the 17th and early 18th centuries, before most major advancements in movements took place, that decoration was regarded as the preeminent skill in watchmaking. Artisans […]

Cartier Taps the Ancient

While watch companies frequently trumpet the heritage of their artisanal techniques, Cartier may have outdone them all by releasing a watch decorated in a technique with 5,000-year-old origins. The latest Rotonde de Cartier 42 mm sports the brand’s familiar panther motif in gold granulation. This technique in which gold beads are fused together to create […]

Watches: Youth Evolution

The current CEO of the Geneva-based watch brand Romain Jerome, Manuel Emch, describes his company in the years before he was hired as “some kind of design-and-marketing laboratory.” Under its former top executive, the mercurial Yvan Arpa, the brand garnered much attention for its imaginative designs, but some of its more extreme experiments—watches laced with material […]

Robb Design Portfolio: Fine and Feathered

In late-19th-century paris, feathers were all the fashion. Artisans specializing in feather-related crafts flourished, furnishing affluent tastemakers with a variety of plume-bedecked articles ranging from sartorial accessories to picture frames. Today this once-thriving art is not entirely lost: One of its last remaining practitioners, Paris-based Nelly Saunier—best known for her work with couturiers and interior […]

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