Jaguar’s Wicked 2014 XFR-S Super Sedan Delivers a 550 hp Punch

Since its model-year 2009 debut, Jaguar’s sensuous XF sedan has emerged as one of the British automaker’s greatest hits, with a lineup that has expanded to include a turbocharged 4-cylinder model, supercharged 6-cylinder models with rear- or all-wheel drive, and supercharged 8-cylinder models in two states of tune. Make that three: Later this year, the mighty […]

Jaguar Deftly Updates XF for 2012, Unveils XF Sportbrake for the U.K.

It’s a testament to the mechanical excellence and enduring beauty of Jaguar’sXF that five years after its debut it remains a supremely compelling choice among executive-class sedans, squaring off against the new Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This year, building on its midsize momentum, Jaguar unveils the XF Sportbrake, its first station […]

Car of the Year 2009: No. 8: Jaguar XF

Saving Grace The XF represents Jaguar’s road back from perdition. It may even be the brand’s salvation after Ford fumbled with the company for 18 years and left its once-?elegant stable of cars as a clutter of outdated saloons and rebadged Tauruses. Despite its homely, misshapen grille, the new sedan is a handsome, well-proportioned looker—from […]

Best of the Best 2008: Sedans

Finally, a Jaguar that embraces the purity of its past and just might rekindle devotion to a brand following a decade of confusion and disappointments. What elevates the Jaguar XF ( are the 300 hp V-8 engine borrowed from the far heavier, more ponderous XJ8; charming gadgets better than most anything from Sharper Image; and […]

Autos: Exemplary Feline

Gently prod the start button and it glows red, then pulses, like a beating heart. Touch it again and the overture becomes a performance as the cushioned explosion of a big V-8 smoothes into a grumble. Now the Jaguar XF sedan is poised to romp, and to deliver more élan—with higher levels of luxury, exclusivity, […]