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Terms of Advertising

Frequency   CurtCo Robb Media, LLC – Robb Report is published twelve times per year.

Agency Commission    A fifteen percent (15%) agency discount is given to recognized advertising agencies submitting complete, correctly sized plate ready materials and a complete advertising contract. This discount does not apply to NET rate programs (including photo classified and section rates). Please contact your account manager for details.

Billing    Payment for General advertising is due on acceptance or space close deadline unless credit terms are approved in writing by the Company’s credit department prior to that date. Pre-Pay (non-credit) advertising is payable on acceptance or before space close date for the issue. Failure by an advertiser to pay promptly may result in non-publication of its advertisement thereafter.

Cancellations    Cancellation requests must be made in writing, and received by CurtCo Robb Media, LLC – Robb Report and acknowledged by the Publisher prior to the space close deadline. Cover position cancellation requests must be received and acknowledged no less than 30 days prior to the space close deadline. Cancellations are not accepted after space close deadline.

Materials   Materials must be submitted according to specifications and received by the published materials deadline, unless an extension has been approved by the Production Manager. Failure to submit materials for a booked insertion may result in a cancellation fee or rerun of a prior ad, at the Publisher’s discretion.

Positioning    Ad placement is at the discretion of the Publisher. Except for Cover positions, guaranteed positioning (when available) requires a 15% premium.

Special Effects    Bleed ads, gatefolds, additional colors, inserts, bind-in cards and blow-in cards are accepted on a limited basis, and only with prior arrangement. Rates, availability, deadlines and specifications for all of the above will be provided upon request. Contact your account manager for details.

Contract Regulations    Frequency contracts must be completed within 12 months from the date of the first insertion of the contract. Cancellation of any portion of a contract voids all rate and positioning protection and the client will be liable for short rate charges. No cash rebates will be made. Accepted orders are subject to rate change with notice by the publisher of at least 45 days prior to the space closing date of effective issue. The advertiser and its agency, if any, represent that they are fully authorized and licensed to use (1) any trademark, copyright, or otherwise private materials; (2) names and/or images of persons living or dead; (3) any testimonials contained in any advertisement submitted by or on behalf of the advertiser, and that such advertisement in neither an invasion of privacy, libelous, not otherwise unlawful to any third party. The advertiser warrants and represents that the product or service advertised is true and accurate in all respects. Except for furnished film, all materials submitted for publication become the sole and absolute property of CurtCo Robb Media, LLC – Robb Report. The advertiser (and its agency) relinquishes and waives all rights of every kind and nature therein. All terms and conditions of the CurtCo Robb Media, LLC – Robb Report standard advertising contract are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth and made part hereof.

Advertising Standards    The prestige of the publication requires that the Publisher take responsibility for the advertising content and color quality. Therefore, the publisher, in its sole discretion at all times, reserves the right to correct or reject any advertising material submitted for publication. Words such as “advertisement” will be placed on ad copy that, in the Publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial matter. If the publisher determines the material furnished for advertising is unacceptable, the publisher reserves the right to repeat the most recent ad. New advertisers may be required to submit bank references and financial statements before being permitted to advertise. The Publisher reserves the right to decline or reject any advertisement for any person, at any time, without liability, even though previously acknowledged or accepted. Only actual publication of an advertisement constitutes its acceptance; but does not constitute any agreement for continued publication in any form, regardless of prior agreements.

Advertising Responsibilities    The Publisher cannot be held responsible for the quality of reproduction when specifications are not adhered to or when material is not received by deadline. If materials require alterations to meet advertising specifications, the publisher reserves the right to charge for alteration costs.