A One-of-a-Kind Trip for History Buffs and Foodies

For those who can’t get enough history and culture, TCS and Starquest Expeditions has created a once-in-a-lifetime itinerary giving travelers unrivaled access to some of the world’s greatest treasures and cultures. From September 17 to October 5, the companywill take 76 guests by private jet on a unique tour of Iceland, Budapest, India, China, Vietnam, Oman, Greece, and France to explore some of the world’s oldest cultures through exclusive culinary and travel excursions. During the 19-day tour (from approximately $60,000 to $68,000 per person), guests will spend two to three days in each destination, accompanied by a resident historian, where they might cruise through Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay aboard a chartered ship, for instance, passing 1,600 mostly uninhabited, mountainlike islands and enjoying activities, like Tai Chi, Vietnamese cooking classes, and kayaking. Or, in Iceland, guests can drive through lava fields to explore some 100 geysers, including the famous Great Geysir, which—if you are lucky enough to see it erupt—reaches up to 200 feet.

Other destinations include the Mei Jia Wu tea plantation in Hangzhou, China, to watch the secret process behind making China’s most famous teas; local museums and farms on the island of Crete to bake breads and make cheese and olive oil; a historic wine-trading hub atop a maze of cellars in Burgundy, France, followed by a private tour and dinner at a historic 12th-century château; and much more. (800.454.4149, www.tcsandsq.com)

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