Antarctica: Up Close and Personal With Jacada Travel

Jacada Travel’s “Travel Designers” bring creativity and imagination to the freshest and most authentic travel experience in Antarctica. A stay at the Whichaway Camps provides a taste of ice camping in one of the earth’s last untouched frontiers with the added ease of luxury accommodations.

Comprised of six solar-powered fiberglass sleeping pods; 20 feet in diameter, they are spacious and even include a writing desk to chronicle this once-in-a-lifetime experience and “chill” amongst the snowy caps of Antarctica. While cruise vessels allow travelers to cover large distances of the vast continent, new expert expedition ice camps give adventurers a more immersive and intimate experience.

Exhilarating activities include rappelling down giant ice holes, exploring cool, icy blue caves, kite skiing over the white, untouched surfaces and even observing Emperor penguins in their natural habitat — penguin enthusiasts can opt to take an inland flight and get up close and personal with these unique creatures, which are generally found in places where ships cannot reach. Travelers can also explore science with expert guides and learn about ice waves, the unique polar wildlife and how to tell the difference between an Emperor penguin and an Adélie.

With Jacada Travel’s new Ice, Emperor Penguins & The Cape Peninsula itinerary, guests spend a few days exploring the very best of Cape Town before flying across the Artic Circle and into the white land of the midnight sun.

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