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Aqua Expeditions Refurbishes Two of Its Peruvian Cruise Vessels

The recently renovated ships feature all-new woodwork, upholstered furniture, and more…

A riparian rainforest that has maintained its mystery throughout the centuries, the Amazon is teeming with jungle animals including macaws, monkeys, and iguanas. During a voyage with Aqua Expeditions, adventure seekers can revel in the mystery and beauty of the Amazon as they cruise the Ucayali, Marañon, and Dorado rivers; fish for piranhas; and spot parrots, tropical songbirds, and pink dolphins.

To ensure an even more luxurious vacation experience, Aqua Expeditions has renovated two of its Peruvian vessels, the Aqua Amazon and the Aria Amazon. Architect Jordi Puig, who designed the boats, refurbished both with all-new woodwork, paint, floors, upholstered furniture, wall coverings, light fixtures, and tiles. Puig tapped some of the world’s finest artisans to create the refined furnishings—plates handcrafted by Indonesian company Gaya Ceramic; chairs and barstools created by Shanghai design firm Stellar Works; acrylic shower tiles from Thai-based Sonite Innovative Surfaces; and Amazonia hardwood for all interior veneers and finishes. The 16-cabin Aria Amazon and the 12-cabin Aqua Amazon were also equipped with new skiffs that can seat up to 10 passengers. Both ships offer guests delectable Peruvian food, spacious suites with oversize windows, and outdoor observation decks where guests can view the wildlife or marvel at the cloud-filled canopy above. (aquaexpeditions.com)




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