Arola Nights at Hotel Arts Barcelona

Arola Restaurant

Hotel Arts Barcelona is launching a variety of culinary promotions for late summer and fall, adding to the five-star property’s exceptional culinary offerings and experiences.

The first in a string of events set to take place at the hotel is limited-time culinary and creative entertainment option Arola Nights. Until summer’s conclusion every Thursday evening from 9 p.m. until midnight, guests and locals will gather for an immaculately planned and delightfully refreshing outdoor experience complete with waterfront views.

Seated on Arola’s terrace, visitors enjoy popcorn before selecting from tapas and cocktails named after popular films and directors such as Gilda and Hitchcock. Simultaneously, they are serenaded by the sounds of live jazz or blues tunes while classic movies are projected in the background. As fall approaches, be on the lookout for more gastronomically fueled promotions and events currently in the works.

Visit http://www.hotelartsbarcelona.com/en/Dining for more information on Hotel Arts Barcelona’s cuisine.

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