Robb Recommends: An Incredible 6-Day Walking Safari That Puts You on Equal Footing With Rhinos and Lions

Traverse Africa’s most iconic landscapes by foot.

Asilia Africa Walking Tour Courtesy of Asilia Africa
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When you’re hiking through the bush, everything rumbles. The wind through the grass, the call of a kingfisher—everything is amplified when you’re on equal ground with rhinos and lions.

Walking safaris offer a more visceral experience, one that’s available only in select African parks. Most span a few hours, but in January, Asilia Africa, which has been operating walking safaris for 15 years, will launch a collection of multiday walking expeditions through Kenya’s Maasai Mara Conservancies.


A six-day, five-night journey traverses 53 miles through one of Africa’s most iconic landscapes. Days are spent exploring the types of views, plants and wildlife that typically go unnoticed from the back of a rumbling safari vehicle and include visits to the Mara Elephant Project, Maa Trust and Mara Predator Conservation Programme. At night, guests relax in lodges or prearranged domed canvas tents, known as fly camps, that line the walking route and include luxury trimmings like high-quality linens and towels and multicourse meals prepared on-site, served alfresco and paired with excellent South African wines. It’s an immersive experience and a unique luxury: the Maasai Mara unfiltered, up close and personal.

A-List Access: For inquiries, contact Judith Lee, Asilia Africa’s sales manager, at judithl@asiliaafrica.com.

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