Best Of The Best 2006: Great Expectations

Adirondack Great Camps defined rustic opulence in the early 20th century, a role the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, N.Y., could rightfully assume for the 21st. Joe Barile, the lodge’s owner and a former Olympic luger, modeled his 85-suite resort after the mountain retreats of industrial-era barons. The authentically grand atmo­sphere he created owes partly to his use of local resources: Logs harvested from the property and from Barile’s nearby ranch were milled on site, and blacksmiths from the region forged the light fixtures and hardware. The lodge’s rough-limbed furnishings and bark-covered trims are woodsy works of art.

Although Great Camps served strictly as summer retreats, Whiteface is a suitable destination in winter as well, thanks to such conveniences as an acre of heated underground parking (so the car is warm when the valet fetches it). An outdoor ice-skating rink operates year-round, and a Canoe Club with a private beach is scheduled to open this summer.

The Whiteface Lodge




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