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Ski and Sail Your Way through the Northern Lights

Black Tomato’s newest itinerary takes you to the untouched peaks of the Lofoten Islands by private yacht.

Powder chasers can kick the average ski trip into adrenaline-pumping high gear in any number of ways—from picking a resort that lets you country hop while carving down some of the best pistes in the world to claiming an entire mountain for yourself. Black Tomato’s new Lofoten Islands skiing and sailing trip is on par with such over-the-top itineraries, helping you go where no skier has gone before, with as little legwork as possible.

In true Black Tomato style, the specifics of the trip are fully customizable to suit exactly your interests and skill level, but each itinerary (it’s recommended you budget seven nights to soak up the full experience) will start in Bodø, a town in the heart of Norway’s Nordland county. Once your jet touches down at the airport, you’ll be delivered to the harbor where your floating ski lodge awaits. If you’re looking for the classic Norwegian experience, your accommodations will be the Anna Rogde, a historical schooner that mixes authentic hard-wearing nautical style with plush modern amenities. If something modern is more your speed, you can arrange to have a brand-new yacht whisk you out to the Steigen coastline in search of untouched peaks.

You’ll spend the next five nights exploring the fjords of Norway’s central coast and the Lofoten Islands—scoping out potential runs from the yacht before making landfall on pristine, snow-covered shores. And here’s where that legwork comes in: To carve those precious first tracks, you’ll have to hike up those peaks, which average a minimum of 3,000 skiable feet (if you have little inclination for that, we’d suggest booking one of these epic heli-skiing trips instead). With mesmerizing views of the icy blue waters, plenty of gourmet snacks along the way, and the chance to ski on any run you’d like, the hike will be more than worth its while. After spending the day hiking and shredding, you’ll return to the boat for the ultimate après-ski treat: catching the night sky’s transformation as the watercolor northern lights unfold overhead.

When you’re not hitting the slopes, spend an afternoon taking one of the yacht’s kayaks out for a spin to explore smaller fingers of the fjords, and help catch the day’s dinner by casting your line for fish like cod and coalfish. There will also be an opportunity to spend an evening racing through the winding mountain roads in a Tesla Model X, searching for the northern lights as you head deeper into the countryside, perhaps crossing into Finland or Sweden for the best vantage point.


Once you’ve had your fill of skiing, the yacht will sail back across Vestfjorden (the fjord that separates the Lofoten Islands from mainland Norway), where you’ll spend the final days of your adventure catching up on some hard-earned R & R from one of the seven breathtaking glass-fronted cabins at Manshausen. At the remote, design-forward lodge, you can soak up the stars from the outdoor hot tub (if you’re brave enough to make the mad dash from your toasty cabin, that is), soothe sore muscles in the sauna, or head out on yet another spectacular adventure—summiting the nearby Helldalsisen glacier.

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