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This New All-Season Luxury RV Lets You Live Off-the-Grid for Two Weeks

Starting at $225K, the design-forward Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition features heated floors, skylights and super-efficient tech.

Bowlus Road Chief Bowlus

There’s no doubt that the biggest travel trend of the Covid-19 era is the road trip. With air travel still a safety concern and with US residents currently barred from entering many international destinations, this summer saw a huge spike in domestic road trips, as stir-crazy travelers set out in their SUVs. (Some luxury travel operators helped plan these kinds of journeys, too.) But just because the weather is cooling down, there’s no need to stop exploring the great outdoors—especially now that there’s a sleek new all-season luxury travel trailer from the industry vets at Bowlus Road Chief.

Originally launched in 1934 as the makers of the original riveted travel trailer, the Bowlus Road Chief brand has been revived and reimagined by current CEO Geneva Long, who has made performance, technology and luxury the key components of the adventure-ready products. The company has found that its offerings have become particularly relevant during the pandemic—product inquiries are 4.5-times higher than in previous years—and the introduction of the new Endless Highways Performance Edition speaks to what its clients are requesting.

“The trend at the forefront for off-the-grid luxury travelers is the ability to enjoy complete flexibility and fluidity with their plans,” Long tells Robb Report. “This means a safe, seamless and luxurious transition from home to their destination. Our customers seek something as finely executed as their homes that offer a silent, pure space for sleep, leisure, working, and homeschooling.”

Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition

The new model has living and sleeping space for four.  Bowlus


Handcrafted in California, the Endless Highways Performance Edition features a range of upgrades from the basic model, including large skylights (with accompanying wood covers), heated floors, spacious storage and a hotel-style bathroom finished in teak and stainless steel (with a shower that extends outside.) There’s room for four people to comfortably sleep and dine, and a plug-and-play-ready outdoor kitchen area with outlets for both electricity and propane. Stretched to about 26-feet, the trailer is loaded with tech, from a personal WiFi modem, heating and air-conditioning systems and device-charging stations to a lithium iron phosphate battery that allows for up to two weeks of off-the-grid use. The power management system is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, so you can monitor power consumption as you go—and never get stranded on your adventures. The Endless Highway Performance Edition starts at $225,000.

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