Visiting a Private Island Not Luxe Enough? Try this Jaw-Dropping $1 Million Private Island Package

Calala Island’s new $1 million package comes complete with unlimited Dom Perignon and a $150,000 treasure hunt.

If the standard private-island vacation—with the long, quiet days on the beach and the time to relax away from prying eyes—just doesn’t have the right ring to it, try this once-in-a-lifetime package from the remote Calala Island. For a cool $1 million, as many as 10 guests (eight adults and two children) can transform the Southern Caribbean island into their own personal paradise for a week—complete with 25 dedicated staff members, exclusive experiences, and five-star dining.

After being flown via private plane to Nicaragua from any starting city in the United States, guests will then be transferred to Calala Island in two Bell helicopters. Once its new visitors touch down, the 11-acre island will become a no-fly zone, ensuring that the guests will be able to let loose in complete privacy. After settling into the island’s four airy villas, the visitors will kick off a week of pure pleasure—indulging in unlimited fine wine and Dom Perignon, unwinding at the spa, and lounging on the island’s unbroken rim of sugary white-sand beaches.

Once guests have gotten their bearings, the island’s staff will be on hand to help facilitate the package’s over-the-top experiences—which range from a $150,000 treasure hunt that pays homage to the island’s history as a popular pirate stopover, to unlimited scuba diving through pristine reefs and private fireworks shows. Guests will also be treated to one-of-a-kind sensory experiences, which include a fishing trip with the island’s guest sushi chef, caviar tastings, cooking master classes, and their very own cigar blend from world-class cigar maker Joya de Nicaragua.

The opulent week-long experience comes to a close with a 12-course gala dinner and a chance to give back to the community—as a portion of the $1 million trip will go towards building a new school for underprivileged children on the Nicaraguan mainland.

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