Celebrate Spring With This Stress-Relieving Floral Massage

At Mexico's Hotel Matilda, fresh spring blooms are the source and inspiration for a new treatment...

Fresh spring blooms are the source and inspiration for a new treatment at Spa Matilda that uses flower petals with special properties to ease tension, smooth the skin, balance the nervous system and calm muscles.

With the Floral Compresses treatment, warm compresses of dried flowers are applied all over the body and gently massaged into the skin. The therapy is based on Native American techniques that release healing properties of nature. A variety of flowers are used including lavender, orange blossom, calendula and rose.

“With the seasonal burst of new blossoms, spring is the ideal time of year to offer this unique stress-relieving and balancing treatment that adapts indigenous concepts of tapping the rejuvenating power of flowers,” said Bruce James, Director, Hotel Matilda. Spa Matilda is an integral component of the heralded, lifestyle-focused guest experience at chic Hotel Matilda.

Located in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico’s colonial crown jewel and an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hotel Matilda is celebrated for its one-of-a-kind art and culinary events; award-winning 4,700-square-foot spa set in a tranquil garden ambiance featuring a luxury spa suite, a Turkish-style Hammam and an Apothecary that creates personalized beauty and care products for guests from natural and artisanal ingredients; Bar Müi known for its creative mixology; designer rooms and suites; vibrant art-gallery-like interior filled with a eclectic collection of dramatic contemporary works by noted artists; and world-class dining in Moxi restaurant by Mexican superstar chef Enrique Olvera.

The Floral Compresses Treatment is 90 minutes and costs 1,740 pesos, or about $97.

For more information and reservations: toll free 855-MATILDA (855-628-4532) or info@hotelmatilda.com. www.hotelmatilda.com

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