Dedon Island

While lounging is a favored pastime at tropical resorts, rarely is it the impetus for such properties. But at the new Dedon Island, the art of reclining is part and parcel of the experience—and of the resort’s existence.

Dedon Island is the first hotel from the German outdoor furnishings manufacturer Dedon, which has made alfresco lounging its business for more than 20 years. The property—not itself an isle, but rather a 10-acre retreat on the southeastern tip of the Philippines’s Siargao Island—embodies Dedon’s outdoor-living-room concept at every turn. Opened in Octo­ber, the resort features nine thatch-roofed cabanas with expansive porches filled with Dedon sofas and chairs designed for doing nothing at all. Elsewhere on the property, which accommodates no more than 20 guests at a time, teardrop-shaped loungers hang from palm trees.

Meals can be taken anytime and anywhere, and the resort’s nightly rate covers spa treatments, bar tabs, and most excursions. Guests who opt to get up out of their seats and explore can fish in one of the world’s deepest trenches, surf at the nearby Cloud 9 break, or simply wander the resort’s Eden-like surroundings. Dedon Island, +, www.dedonisland.com

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