Experience the Middle East by Private Jet Vacation

From the far-flung shores of the Middle East to touching the trim of Northern Africa, the world is filled with exotic beauty. Whether you are sleeping in Bedouin bliss in the depths of the desert dunes or snorkeling through the azure hues of the Red Sea, indulging in famed Dubai luxury or tiptoeing across blushing pink shells on the shores of Oman, the Middle East and Northern Africa will fill your soul until fit to burst.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations can help you unravel the enigmas of the intriguing Middle East and show you a land drenched in rare splendor, terrain carved from dreams, lavish style and a rich culture as old as time. Stay in some of the best hotels anywhere, sip sweet tea with the locals and step foot in some of the most memorable living scenes you are likely to witness.



From the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains to sweeping deserts of refined coastal wonder and manic cities that don’t skip a beat, Morocco is a country as vibrant as the markets that make it famous. The poetic fantasy of sheer exotic style truly blooms to life in Morocco whether you are listening to fireside storytellers in Marrakech, watching the locals weave in a traditional Berber village or dining in the chic French eateries of Casablanca. Marrakesh is a must for those who want the energy, the fun and the flavor. From lazy days spent lounging in elegant Riads to bustling afternoons dipping in and out the souks and spellbinding evenings in the markets, all your senses are sure to be tantalized in the magic of Marrakesh. Those seeking medieval wonder will adore Fes with its tombs and palaces and for startling scenery and incredible Kasbahs the Dades Valley will tempt you into its fold.


The Land of the Pharaohs is a realm of treasures, soaked to the bone in sublime history, ancient fable and a defiant nature. From the aura of the Valley of the Kings to the steaming hot springs in the desert, the tangle of chaos in Cairo and the empty beaches where the desert meets the mythical Red Sea, this is a true experience of Egypt. The Red Sea Riviera is a heaven of million-dollar resorts and world-class diving that shows you all the shades of the sea. Many flock to the shores of Sharm el-Sheikh to enjoy the glistening sun, the array of entertainment and the dazzling sea in all her finery. For divine diving awash with profuse marine life and bright palates of coral, Hurghada and Hamata are all worth swinging by to be inspired by the tapestry of color. For those who dream of escaping the crowds and absorbing traditional vibes in charming fishing towns perched on the edge of the Red Sea, Marsa Alam still feels a little off the beaten track.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE has built its reputation as offering unbridled pure lavishness in the heart of the desert, from Dubai’s opulence to the princely cream-colored domes of Abu Dhabi, the striking sand dunes, the golden mile and the incredible food –the UAE is all about amazing experiences. Discover the land where luxury is engrained in the majestic hedonistic whirlwind that is Dubai, from standing at the top of the Burj Khalifa to swishing down the snowy slopes housed in the Dubai Mall and dazzling your eyes as you meander through the notorious Gold Souk. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a must see for those who want to witness the splendor of blending ancient tradition with modern architecture. Pure white with hints of gold, splashes of marble and glittering glass sit pretty beneath the cornflower sky making it a unique spot that never fails to overwhelm. If you are looking to leave the glitz and the gold behind then the Hajar Mountains invite you to step into the rising red wilderness with its twisting desert roads, panoramic visions and crimson hues.


The lyrical inspiration of Qatar lies in its landscapes, from the tapered towers of Doha to the whispering desert dunes, the flaxen coastline where the salty sea rushes in and the historic forts that stand proud. Across the tiny country of Qatar you can bask in the enriching experiences of the Middle East but without the worry of treading on anyone’s toes or getting lost in the crush of crowds. The Doha Heritage Village gives a glimpse into how the villages and towns on the fringes of the modern city survive, here you can see wooden dhows sanded down, find out the secrets of the pearl industry and admire the beautiful clay pots. The Museum of Islamic Art is another treasure chest filled to the brim with ivory and fascinating jewels. Al-Khor delivers an escape from city life allowing you to walk in silence along pristine beaches, watch the pearl divers and dine on the freshest seafood before exploring the mangrove gardens that make this spot so special.


Oman seems to have steered clear of the flashy limelight that has put its neighbors on the map and for good reason. Boasting outstanding natural beauty, fecund cultural heritage and well preserved historic sites, this is the other side to the UAE, one where graceful surroundings blend bespoke comfort for a laid back vision. The green mountain otherwise known as Jebel Akhdar is a must for feeling the cooler temperatures, experiencing local hospitality in the precariously perched villages and relishing delectable infrequent fruits. Breathe in the evocative scent of frankincense of Salalah and bathe in the playful pools and pristine gulley waters of Wadi Bani Awf. For endless dune enjoyment, the sandy plateaus of Wahiba shimmer every shade of rose, crimson and gold beneath a starry sky making it the ultimate getaway into the desert.

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