Exquisite Villa Hotel Torre Palombara Invites Americans to Discover Umbria’s Hill Towns, Castellos and Wineries

“It is impossible to stay with us without having the spirit of Umbria sink into your bones,” says the owner/manager of villa hotel Torre Palombara.

Torre Palombara is an extraordinary, historic hotel located in the Italian province of Umbria, in the magical, medieval hilltop town of Narni. The 15th-century stone “Dove Tower” (the eponymous Torre Palombara) has been lovingly and impeccably restored and transformed into one of the most exclusive villa hotels in Italy, with seven guest rooms and suites where exquisite family antiques co-exist with air-conditioning, wi-fi and flat-screen televisions. 

The breakfast room and swimming pool look out on classic Umbrian landscapes, and the owners, with a deeply-ingrained passion for their Umbrian heritage, are always eager to help guests plan “insider” excursions from Torre Palombara.  Rome, in all its glory, is only one hour away by car or train.


To see more photos and details, visit www.torrepalombara.com.

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