Feature: The Top 10 New Resorts for 2003

As with wines, many of us stick to what we know: Just as we cling to our Silver Oak, our Pétrus, our Phelps Insignia, so do we adhere, in the case of resorts, to the safe, the familiar, the comfortable. Season after season, we return to the selfsame watering holes, the tried-and-true spas, the well-worn, business-friendly establishments that have proven themselves capable, at a moment’s notice, of arranging for a suitable conference room for a directors’ meeting, or a last-minute reservation at Boulevard to celebrate the consummation of a deal. However, life being short, and variety rather than convenience being, as they say, its spice, we dedicate these pages to introducing our readers to some of the most exciting new destinations to cut the ribbon in the last 24 months.

During the preceding two years, dozens of exceptional hotels and resorts have opened (or reopened) their doors throughout the world, from the Bahamas to the Australian outback. Worldly wanderers and adventurers-at-heart confront a wide array of tempting options with few clues—other than native climes—about which of these will match their unique needs. After reviewing countless locations, we have selected the 10 that we feel truly stand out—some of them so new that they are largely undiscovered.

This elite list comprises only resorts that have opened their doors in the last two years—specifically, from December 2000 to December 2002. Each property is distinctive, reflecting an inimitable sense of color and character. All are superlative, offering polished service, luxurious amenities, abundant recreational opportunities, fine dining, and spacious suites.

If your spirit seeks a change of scene, if you feel a bit of wanderlust, or if you simply desire a much-deserved retreat, we hope this guide inspires you, on your next trip, to pursue a change of place as well as pace.

The world awaits.

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