FrontRunners: Health Yourself

Carl Pratt tells you that he wants nothing more—or less—than to change your life, and he may succeed if you take four days out of your crowded schedule to attend the Executive Health Program at Canyon Ranch (800.742.9000, www.canyonranch.com) spa in Lenox, Mass., or Tucson, Arizona.


Pratt, managing director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, says that most men do not pay great attention to their physical well-being until something bad happens. The Executive Health Program aims to prevent that bad something by elevating your annual physical exam to a higher level. A team of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, behavioralists, and exercise physiologists—your own executive committee—assesses your current health and helps you establish fitness goals. They will create a plan tailored to your lifestyle, one that will remove the guesswork from achieving your objectives and maintaining your health. If, during your stay, you happen also to take advantage of Canyon Ranch’s therapeutic treatments, such as the specialty sports massage or hot-stone massage, or indulge in the homemade ice cream, all the better.

The resort itself (both East and Southwest versions) offers beautiful grounds, delicious food that is also good for you (even the ice cream), a complete array of exercise and nutrition classes and workshops, and seasonal sports.

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