FrontRunners: Roman Holiday

In ancient Rome, bathing was a communal affair and often the central event in the daily life of the upper class. The recently opened Caesars Palace Las Vegas Qua Baths & Spa (www.caesarspalace.com) immerses patrons in an atmosphere designed to approximate that of the Romans’ thermae. (The Latin word qua translates roughly as here, and in this context refers to living in the moment.) Three pools fed by a waterfall in the entryway draw guests into the baths, where a tea sommelier serves selections in private lounges. After enjoying a series of heat treatments, or calderia, latter-day senators move on to the frigidarium (christened the Arctic Ice Room by Caesars) to have their skin exfoliated through an application of ice chips. In the Men’s Only Zone, a barber provides hair styling and hot-lather, straight-razor shaves while a wide-screen TV displays modern versions of Roman games. . . .

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