A Grand Tour of Grapes: Wine Countries for All Seasons

As highly prized as the gifts of the grape are, there is more to the world’s great wine regions than simply the wine. Natural beauty, rich history, and cultural and culinary traditions, it seems, thrive wherever the vines do, enriching the life of the mind as well as that of the palate. Our “Guide to Wine Regions” includes four of the globe’s less traveled wine-producing areas—one for each season of the year. Designed as a shorthand overview of the sights, tastes, and experiences of each unique destination, the following pages provide resources for exploring ancient Roman ruins in a remote corner of the south of France; wandering into medieval fortresses surrounded by fragrant apricot orchards in Austria; surveying the farmlands of Sonoma from a hot-air balloon; and discovering eclectic cuisine against the rugged, majestic terrain of New Zealand. And, of course, for wine lovers infected with wanderlust, we include a selection of exceptional vintages to try along the way. À la vôtre! And bon voyage!

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