Horseback Riding at Las Alamandas Gives Guests an Organic Experience

They run free on the untamed 1,800 acres of tropical terrain.  This is their home, most having been born and raised here, and they know and love every inch of the exclusive private estate.  They are the horses of Las Alamandas.

“Horseback riding is an organic experience at Las Alamandas,” said Isabel Goldsmith-Patiño, founder of the chic getaway on Mexico’s Pacific coast.  “Unlike the typical resort, where  guests ride the overworked, overwrought horses of a local stable, our horses have strong ties to the land, live a happy and healthy life, are fit and strong, and are engaging with visitors to their home.”

Guests have many options to get the most out of their ride:  along the beach near the resort, longer jaunts along the coast and to other nearby private beaches, and the many trails that traverse the resort’s private nature reserve past lagoons that are habitats for numerous species of birds and through gentle coastal foothills that reveal magnificent panoramas.

The seven creole Mexican horses are docile, well trained, and sport colorful names:  Kalimba, La Manzana, Tordillo,  Relampago, Gavilan, Pinto and Chipotle.

The organic riding experience at Las Alamandas is the brainchild of Ms. Goldsmith.  She grew up riding and introduced the first horses here with the opening of the resort in 1990. “Our goal from the beginning was to raise horses in a peaceful, natural environment where they would reach their peak physically while developing the ideal gentle temperament to interact with guests.”

For more information, call 888-882-9616, email info@alamandas.com or visit www.alamandas.com.

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