Hôtel Le Toiny

Hôtel Le Toiny, set on the southeastern shore of this eight-square-mile speck in the French West Indies, offers a choice of 14 one-bedroom villas or a three-bedroom villa, each with its own pool. A staff worthy of a Parisian palace hotel attends to the resort’s guests, serving Champagne in the villas at a moment’s notice and, in typical St. Bart’s fashion, formal French cuisine in a casual, Caribbean-view restaurant. Accommodations Fifteen villas, each with a four-poster mahogany bed and a private pool. Recreation St. Bart’s is not the island for high-energy water sports; most guests prefer to spend their days lounging on one of the island’s broad beaches or at Bar de l’Oubli. Dining Le Toiny’s restaurant, Le Gaïac, is one of the finest establishments on an island where Dining is the national sport. Worthy Diversion Saline and Gouverneur, two of the world’s great nude beaches (think: French models at leisure), are just a few miles west of the resort. Rates In high season, one-bedroom villas are $2,100, and the three-bedroom villa is $3,500.

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