Hôtel Les Ottomans

Ahu Aysal, owner of the new Hôtel Les Ottomans in Istanbul, Turkey, claims to have spent more than $80 million transforming this 18th-century pasha’s summer home on the Bosporus into a 10-suite retreat. Given her property’s limited number of rooms, Aysal may never recoup her investment. But for the owner (who lives in an additional suite on the property)—and certainly for her guests—the money was well spent. Her cost-is-no-object approach has worked to the great benefit of guests, who arrive at Les Ottomans, in the ritzy Kuruçesme district, after a brief limousine transfer from the airport and a speedboat ride down the Bosporus. The trip concludes on the European side of the river at the hotel’s private dock. Accommodations Each of the 10 suites is distinct, but all include Ottoman-style furnishings, touch-screen room controls, plasma-screen TVs, and private butler service. Facilities The hotel’s spa specializes in vinotherapy body treatments and wine-barrel baths. A 15-seat theater is available for private screenings. Dining Australian chef Robyn Cooper recommends the restaurant’s Bosporus bouillabaisse, crisp duck slices served with pancakes, and octopus carpaccio. Head to Q Jazz after dark for live jazz and cocktails. Concierge Recommends Travel to Asia for the afternoon on the hotel’s speedboat. The Anatolian, or Asian, side of the Bosporus is known for its fish markets and its restaurants, many with views of Istanbul’s European shore. Rates From about $1,186 to $5,190.

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