Hotel Matilda Hosts Day of the Dead ‘Black Dinner’ by Martha Ortiz

The magic continues at Hotel Matilda. The 4th annual The Day of the Dead ‘Black Dinner’ will be conjured up on October 31, 2015 by renowned Chef Martha Ortiz, Mexico’s queen of epicurean theater and culinary mysticism.

“More than dinners to celebrate the timeless Mexican tradition of The Day of the Dead, the Black Dinners have been magical and mystical experiences prepared with time-honored ingredients, incantations and shaman touches, and each year Martha’s Black Dinner is more powerful and exotic,” said Bruce James, Director of Hotel Matilda, the trend-setting contemporary boutique property offering a lifestyle-focused guest experience in historic San Miguel de Allende.

The 2015 Black Dinner will be an experiential event with a ‘Painted in Black’ theme. “Martha will evoke a continuous lifeline, from the historic past to 2015, from the entrance to Hotel Matilda to Moxi’s dining room to the kitchen, incorporating all that unites us in life from ceremonies and rituals to foods and social interaction,” explained Mr. James.

Martha Ortiz is Mexico’s internationally acclaimed chef and cookbook author who is heralded for her creative and sensational gastronomic events and her historical research into Mexican food traditions and legends. She is directing a hauntingly delicious and creative The Day of the Dead culinary extravaganza at Hotel Matilda for the fourth straight year.

On The Day of the Dead – the quintessential Mexican holiday with roots going back millennia – Mexicans celebrate their strong sense of love and respect for their ancestors. Loved ones, who are said to come back to visit on The Day of the Dead, are remembered and honored in numerous ways – from creating altars adorned with candles and photos to picnicking at the cemetery on their favorite foods.

Martha will inspire the spirits of her ancestors with this year’s menu, with such dishes as marigolds with scrapings of the sweet zapote fruit; spirographs of black and vanilla mole; blue corn gorditas with purslane herb and roasted avocado; habanero chile with ashes; and desserts made with the soconusco type of cocoa used at the time of Moctezuma.

The Black Dinner at Hotel Matilda’s Moxi restaurant, Saturday, October 31, 2015, is $2,000 pesos (about US$118) per person including wine pairing. For more information and reservations: eventos@hotelmatilda.com. www.hotelmatilda.com

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