Hotel Salto Chico

The Hotel Salto Chico is an ecotourist’s minimalist dream: The white structure of slate, copper, and cypress and lenga woods presents a striking complement to the glaciers, granite massifs, pampas, and deep blue lakes that compose the national park (declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1978). Within the hotel, the ethereal Patagonian light pours through windows and bounces off stark, bright interiors. Accommodations The 50 stark, stylish guest rooms and suites offer mountain, waterfall, and Lake Pehoé views. Accommodations Guests select from 23 expeditions that range from easy glacier walks to rigorous hikes, scenic drives, and horseback rides. Dining An eclectic mix of beef, lamb, and seafood dishes intended to enhance your ability to endure long treks. Worthy Diversion Photograph condors, guanacos, foxes, rheas, and other Patagonian wildlife on one of the resort’s half-day photo safaris through Torres del Paine. Rates From $2,170 per person for a four-night program, or from $3,860 for an eight-night package. Prices include hotel transfers, all meals, drinks, and daily excursions.

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