Jacada Travel’s Antarctica Cruise Offers Exclusive Luxury and Bespoke Itineraries

Bespoke tour operator Jacada Travel has launched a new yacht in Antarctica way ahead of its class. For (just) $454,000, a lucky few can cruise this rarely visited continent in privately chartered luxury.

Onboard the M/Y Enigma XK Expedition Yacht, 12 guests are accommodated with 5 VIP cabins, an attentive crew of 21, and gourmet dining and drinks. Travelers take a private jet to Antarctica, to avoid sailing the bumpy Drake passage, where they will sail through deserted waters with the best expert guides and a completely personalized itinerary.

The itinerary is chosen on a day-to-day basis by the guests onboard. They can jump in Zodiacs at a moment’s notice and play with the whales if they please, go hiking and kayaking through ice cliffs and glaciers, or go on exotic fishing tours. The yacht can head to stations and invite local scientists onboard for dinner, or guests can choose to go swimming in a place where water is heated by volcanic rocks, or even take private helicopters to penguin colonies. It’s totally up to them.

Many Antarctica cruise itineraries are fixed to accommodate 60 to 150 people, which leaves no room for spontaneity or ability to steer away from published plans. This private expedition provides not only full flexibility in the itinerary, but also allows the clients to fully customize their activities for the trip — all in total luxury.

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