JetSmarter Launches Luxury Home Rental Service

JetSmarter Photo: Courtesy JetSmarter

Leading private jet booking app, JetSmarter, has launched its first luxury home rental service, available exclusively for JetSmarter members around the world.

Now live within the JetSmarter app, members have access to browse and rent luxury homes in top cities across the globe in a matter of minutes, bringing their travel experience to a new level. The launch shows the continued growth of on-demand offerings the company already provides to its members, which is now complete with an end-to-end travel solution where members can finalize their travel plans all within one network.

“With our newest on-demand option of booking luxury homes through our app, we’re providing our members with more than just flights and concierge services, by creating an entirely new travel booking experience for them,” said Sergey Petrossov, CEO of JetSmarter. “We are now upgrading the old-fashioned way of traveling around the world by offering the ultimate luxury travel accommodations and services, as we continue our goal to becoming the ultimate lifestyle community.”

JetSmarter members can rent homes on a weekly basis through the JetSmarter app. Upon arrival at any rental property, guests will be greeted with JetSmarter butler service, which will continue throughout the duration of their stay.

Additional information can be found on http://www.JetSmarter.com.

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