Las Ventanas al Paraíso

Set on a broad sandy beach near the tip of Baja California, Las Ventanas appears at first as a quaint village, a collection of white stucco structures situated around courtyards and gardens that descend a hill toward the Sea of Cortés. Awnings made from bundled branches filter the desert sun, which seeps through to illuminate stone paths, pebble mosaics, iron sculptures of flora and fauna, and decorative pools. The paths lead to the property’s suites, each of which is equipped with a telescope for whale watching and stargazing. Daytime views offer a palette of beige and blue, with sea, sand, sky, and swimming pools visible from nearly every vantage. The beach in front of Las Ventanas is virtually vacant, aside from a few guests enjoying novels or the latest news on Kindles (supplied by the resort) under the shade of umbrellas. Accommodations Seventy-one suites. Dining Dine in one of the four restaurants, on the beach, or in your room. Rates From $550 per night.

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