Lizard Island Resort

Guest lodgings at Lizard Island include several freestanding villas set under palms along the beach or on cliffs overlooking Anchor Bay. The recently renovated Pavilion, the pearl of the isle, offers 270-degree views of the bay, Osprey Island, and Sunset Beach from its craggy perch over the Coral Sea. Accommodations Skip the Anchor Bay Rooms in favor of the larger Sunset Point Villas. The best option is the Pavilion, which has a plunge pool on the tip of a private peninsula. Recreation Day and night dive excursions, glass-bottom-boat trips, snorkeling, fishing, tennis, and hiking. Guests also enjoy access to the resort’s catamarans, motorized dinghies, spa, and pool. Dining Try the Morton Bay bugs (small, succulent lobsters) on barbecue night at the beach, or sample the excellent fish dishes at Osprey’s Restaurant. Worthy Diversion Visit during whale season in June, when humpbacks, minke whales, and surfing spinner dolphins populate the outer reef. Rates Anchor Bay Rooms, $640; Sunset Point Villas, $795; and the Pavilion, $1,410. Prices are per person and include all meals.

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