This May Be Your Last Chance to See One of the World’s Most Endangered Species

Embark on an 11-day nature trek in the rainforests of Brazil…

Travelers yearning for an adventure off the beaten path need look no farther than the Cazenove + Loyd monkey safari. The 11-day Brazilian trip winds from Rio de Janeiro to Tiradentes and then from Paraty to Sao Paulo, introducing sojourners to the northern muriqui woolly monkeys, an endangered species numbering fewer than 1,000 worldwide. During the excursion, guests will visit the Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural Feliciano Miguel Abdala park in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where Harvard University’s Karen Strier is conducting a research project designed to help reestablish and repopulate the species. Visitors can walk the wooded trails of the reserve, observe some of the 335 monkeys currently living at the site, and track monkeys in the rainforest alongside a team of researchers. In addition to the monkey safari, guests will be able to hike, ride horses, and explore the rainforest and Amazon River. The trip is priced at about $8,000 per person, which includes a private flight from Rio to the conservation safari. (cazloyd.com)

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