Montage Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, the epicenter of youth-obsessed Los Angeles, many a cosmetic surgeon offers procedures that promise a younger-looking you. Montage Beverly Hills has flipped the local formula: The hotel’s facade was designed to resemble a century-old, Spanish Colonial Revival–style estate. Still, this high-profile property embraces the area’s pastime, offering an antiaging facial at Spa Montage, as well as other experiences that may draw out your young side. Pomegranate iced tea served with a rock sugar–coated swizzle stick is a welcome treat as you settle into one of the 201 guest rooms and suites. To soak up a casual-yet-refined Southern California vibe, ride the elevator to the hotel’s roof. Here you can swim in the pool, nap in any of eight cabanas, or polish off an ice-cream bar at the Conservatory Grill. At least one such dessert—spumoni ice cream encased in a dark-chocolate shell—will bring back your youth better than any Beverly Hills Botox injection. Rates From $495 to $7,500.

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