Mountain Travel Sobek’s Curates One-Million-Dollar Arctic Itinerary

The California company can execute the most over-the-top requests, including diving with narwhals…

For the past 46 years, Mountain Travel Sobek has curated global trips for the truly adventurous. The bespoke travel agency (which coordinates expeditions for National Geographic Adventures and the New York Times’ Times Journeys) recently planned a million-dollar Arctic excursion for a gutsy group. The over-the-top trip, planned in conjunction with polar outfitter Arctic Kingdom, offered private-jet service to the tundra, iceberg scuba diving, heli-hiking, dry-suit snorkeling with narwhals and belugas, inflatable kayaking, and snowmobiling. In addition, guests viewed wildlife by helicopter and went hot-air ballooning over the majestic ice craters. Each guest was outfitted with a custom-made, caribou-and-seal parka to ensure ultimate warmth. Meals included caribou carpaccio, musk-ox burgers, and arctic char sashimi prepared by professional chefs. Those interested in planning a similar trip (whether to the Arctic or another area) can contact Mountain Travel Sobek in order to plan a truly once-in-a-lifetime escapade. (mtsobek.com)

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