Giraffe Manor, Kenya

More culturally diverse destinations often put families off visiting, opting instead for a beach holiday or countries that are relatively ‘easy’ to get around. But it’s the discovery of the unusual, lesser-known and drastically different that makes these bonding family getaways all the more special. Jacada Travel, the experts in luxury private tours and safaris, create completely bespoke trips for multi-generational families in countries that are often overlooked, such as:


It’s a country that can be daunting to even the most intrepid travelers, but India has a huge amount to offer multi-generational families: ancient temples, colorful and exciting cities, tiger safaris, train journeys through tea plantations, hiking, houseboats in the tropical waterways and laid-back beaches. On a classic India trip multi-generational families can discover the country’s most popular cities, the spiritual heart of India and the beautiful city of lakes. It’s set to be one of the most eye-opening trips you will go on as a family.


While it has hectic, high-tech cities, Japan also has an innocence to it that is instantly attractive for children, but also intrigues and fascinates adults. It’s a culture that is enthralled with animation, delicate presentation, polite customs and has very little crime – making it a captivating, safe and memorable place to visit for the whole family. On a multi-generational family trip, families can go from the cherry blossom trees, streets lined with vending machines, game arcades filled with soft toys and dazzling colors, to ancient palaces, temples and perfectly groomed parks. It will enchant family members of all ages.


A hotbed of wildlife waiting to be discovered, Kenya is a country that multi-generational families can easily explore in style and safety. Luxury safari lodges provide comfort and security in the bush, and the country’s many game reserves offer something for every member of the family, from bird watching and big game sightings to visiting some of the oldest tribes in the world. Families can have breakfast with giraffes at the famous Giraffe Manor or watch an elephant herd interacting with each other in the Maasai Mara. Active families can hike in the foothills of Mount Kenya or learn how to track wildlife with the Maasai. 


Iceland is high on the travel bucket list for many, and for a family keen for a wide variety of unusual activities, incredible scenery and a charming capital city, it makes a great choice. From spotting whales in the summer to experiencing the sublime Northern Lights in the winter, Iceland is a year-round destination, so it suits any school holiday or work schedule.


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Jacada Travel is the go-to expert in personalized private-guided luxury travel to Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia and the polar regions, with offices in London, Hong Kong and Cape Town. Founded in 2008 by Alex Malcolm, Jacada Travel offers unique and inspired itineraries for travelers seeking a truly personal travel experience with discreet, attentive service from start to finish. Jacada’s expert travel designers can offer clients experiences from private dining in an Indian palace and sleep-outs in the Botswana salt pan to off-the-grid trekking in Peru and private jet Northern Light hunting in Iceland. Please note that all our example itineraries simply offer an idea of the type of tours we create; all our trips are custom-made to suit each traveller’s individual needs. www.jacadatravel.com

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