New World Luxury in Napa Valley with Presidential Private Jet Vacations

Imagine escaping for weekend of sipping world famous wines in the golden vineyards of Napa Valley. Home to some of the most exclusive family owned cellar doors and with a mouth-watering range of top rated restaurants and charming boutique hotels, the Napa Valley is one of the trendiest destinations for indulging in the finer side of life. Now Presidential Private Jet Vacations is offering elite guests the chance to tour the heart of this premier destination in bespoke style.

Private jet vacations open up a whole new world for the traveler who wants a personalized experience without the fuss. When you choose to travel with Presidential Private Jet Vacations you can sit back in the privacy of your own beautifully appointed private aircraft, sip a cold drink and rest easy as you are charted to world-class destinations where your every whim is catered for. The prestigious Napa Valley itinerary captures the very essence of what private jet travel can do best by ensuring you taste, see and explore the best the valley has to offer.

Rest Easy at the Meadowood

​Start by selecting your own departure airport close to your home so you do not need to stress about the commute, board your private jet at your leisure entirely hassle-free in a cozy terminal and step on board to enter a world of luxury. As you descend into the rolling greens of the Napa Valley you will be whisked away to the dazzling Meadowood Resort. Sip tea on the green, rest easy in your beautifully adorned room or play a game of croquet in the gardens. As the stars twinkle in the sky, the resort’s The Restaurant awaits you for a sublime tasting experience with divine dishes are paired with select wines from your expert sommelier.

Discover the Secret Nooks of Napa Valley

Start the day in one of Napa Valley’s secret nooks at a hidden vineyard on Spring Mountain. Lavender and lilac permeate the air as you wander the wild gardens with a fragrant glass of wine in your hand. In the afternoon it’s time to visit a small vineyard in Coombsville producing little-known award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon and sit at table right on the middle of the vineyard for a home-cooked meal by the winegrower’s family. Learn the secrets of Napa Valley before taking a walk along St. Helena’s quaint Main Street. Lined with artisan boutiques and rare gems you can indulge in a spot of shopping before sitting down to a Michelin-starred dinner.

Perfect Pampering and Undiscovered Wines

Another day indulging in sheer bliss, peppered with fine wine tastings, remarkable cellar doors and the chance to visit another charming family-owned vineyard overlooking Oakville. Spend the afternoon getting pampered  from tip to toe with a three hour personal spa treatment back at the Meadowood. Dress to impress and prepare for an eventful culinary evening at the world famous restaurant The French Laundry. Nestled in lush gardens and with beautifully dressed tables in the turn of the century house, you can ignite your taste buds with a grandiose gourmand experience laced in seasonal fresh produce with an imaginative twist.

Iconic Vineyards and Exquisite Estates

Your last day in the grace of the Napa Valley offers a private tour of the estate of Domaine Chandon. In the sunlit courtyards you can sip legendary champagne, enjoy wandering through the prestigious vineyards and bask in the serene beauty of the Californian countryside. Take lunch at Étoile for award winning wines paired with a perfectly presented menu before preparing for your seamless journey home with Presidential Private Jet Vacations.

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