North Island

North Island resort revolves around an open-walled main lodge built with the trunks and thick, gnarled roots of salvaged takamaka trees. Ten of the two-bedroom, 4,890-square-foot guest villas occupy a beachfront site on the edge of a takamaka forest. Each villa has its own pool, massive teak beds, bathrooms with outdoor showers and massage tables, and walls that open for 180-degree views of the forest, beach, and Indian Ocean. Accommodations Eleven two-bedroom, 4,890-square-foot villas, each with a private pool, beach, and butler. Recreation Scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, sailing, and traversing the island by foot, bike, and buggy. Dining Chef David Godin speaks with guests when they arrive to develop personalized menus. Worthy Diversion Visit ecologist Ron Gerlach’s breeding center for endangered Seychelles giant tortoises and terrapin on nearby Silhouette Island. Rates From $2,050 to $3,560 per person, per night, inclusive of food, drinks, activities, and use of a buggy.

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