One of Botswana’s Finest Safari Camps Reemerges on the Okavango Delta

An old favorite in Botswana may have a new look, but it retains all of its old charm…

Why Go: Since reopening in April, Camp Okavango, one of eight camps and lodges operated by Desert & Delta Safaris, has granted guests all the aesthetic perks of being brand-new, but with the experience of being 35 years old. When the place closed down in November, workers hauled the infrastructure of the old camp away and built a completely new camp closer to the edge of Nxaragha Island. The collection of wooden decks and walkways stand on stilts, intimately connecting guests with the delta. Clearly a fan of the area, Desert & Delta’s Californian founder chose Nxaragha in 1980 to launch her Botswana outfit by building the original Camp Okavango.


What to Expect: The mokoro rules on the delta; this canoe, dug out from the trunk of a tree, glides silently through the maze of lagoons and hidden channels, allowing safari goers to observe hippos and elephants without disturbing them. By land, walking safaris grant glimpses of lions, warthogs, and impala, to name a few. Twelve tented accommodations with private viewing decks are tucked in among the natural canopy, at just the right height to spy passing wildlife. Between safaris, guests can mingle around open-air fire pits and the swimming pool.

How to Get There: Fly in by light aircraft on Safari Air from Muan, Kasane, or one of Desert & Delta’s other camps, all of which have private airstrips or a nearby airfield. (desertdelta.com)

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