Overheads Up! 10 Carry-On Bags Guaranteed to Fit Above Your Seat

NEW YORK, NY (August 16, 2016) – Approaching the gate, hoping and praying that your carry-on will actually fit into the plane’s overhead compartment can be nerve-racking. Luckily, PORTMANTOS, the premier online boutique for luggage and all things travel, has developed a foolproof guide to what fits where, on some of the most popular airlines from Jet Blue to Etihad.

No longer will you have to worry that your carry-on may be subjected to the infamous “gate check” as you stroll down the jet bridge. Check out the infographic below – and know before you go!


For more information or to purchase these carry-on bags and more, visit: http://www.portmantos.com/overheads-up/


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