Park Hyatt Shanghai

At 101 stories and 1,614 feet high, the Shanghai World Financial Center is the planet’s second-tallest building, after the slightly loftier Taipei 101. But the Shanghai structure holds top bragging rights in at least one respect: It is home to the world’s highest hotel, the Park Hyatt Shanghai, which surpassed the previous titleholder (the neighboring Grand Hyatt Shanghai) when it opened on floors 79 through 93 of the new financial center. The Park Hyatt underscores its universality with artful diagrams that take the place of written instructions throughout the property. Thus every guest—Chinese, American, and Andorran alike—can command the high-tech light switches and take full advantage of the Japanese warming commodes in the sleek living spaces designed by the Taiwan-born American Tony Chi. Need Accommodations Dining Guests dine on mostly organic produce at the Park Hyatt’s 100 Century Avenue, the world’s highest restaurant. Rates From $730 to $12,870.

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