Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Fitness flourishes in many forms at Parrot Cay, a 1,000-acre private-island resort where you can swim, snorkel, play tennis, and enjoy one-on-one yoga, Pilates, and meditation sessions. The resort is home to a Como Shambhala Retreat—one of four such facilities worldwide—which offers Pilates and yoga classes six days a week and new programs focusing on stress relief and Ayurvedic alternative medicine. The retreat’s influence extends to the dining menu, which includes vitamin-rich raw foods and desserts made with carob. But indulgence certainly is not forbidden at Parrot Cay. The waiters will not glare at the breakfaster who requests waffles covered with thick ribbons of toasted coconut, nor will a Pilates instructor take offense if a student skips a session in favor of lying on one of the island’s beaches or enjoying a 90-minute hot-stone massage. You do as you see fit, even if that means allowing ambitious fitness plans to melt away in the tropical sunshine.

+649.946.7788, www.parrotcay.como.bz

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