Petit St. Vincent

A lot has changed at Petit St. Vincent since the 115-acre Caribbean private-island resort closed for renovations last summer. But the local code at the resort, which reopened in November, remains the same: Red still means “please leave us alone” and yellow, “check the flagpole, we have a request.”


Twenty-two flagpoles, each with one red pennant and one yellow, stand as trail markers at Petit St. Vincent, or PSV. Walkways lead from the poles to secluded stone guest cottages, which are now equipped with air conditioning and have remodeled bathrooms and new furnishings. However, the cottages remain without phones, Wi-Fi, or TVs—which is just as PSV was meant to be.


To communicate with staff, guests can write a note on paper and raise their yellow flag. Requests might include a reservation at the island’s new spa or a tee time on neighboring Canouan Island. But visitors have most everything they need at PSV. Breakfast arrives at the front porch each morning with coffee in a wicker canteen. Evenings are spent socializing around the bar or over meals in the dining room. Wherever the night takes you, be sure to signal for one of PSV’s exotic concoctions made with St. Vincent rum. Petit St. Vincent, 954.963.7401, www.psvresort.com

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