Presidential Private Jet Vacations Offers a Private Jet Tour of Indochina

The exotic South Eastern shores are brimming with beautiful sacred sites, spiraling temples, rickety markets, throngs of people pushing through the winding streets and of course acres upon acres of pure white sand beaches and dark jungles. From the foodie haven of Hoi An to drifting above the templed landscape of Myanmar, the East continues to move us in ways we would never imagine.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations will show you every hidden corner of the far flung globe in complete comfort and style. Sit down, sip your champagne and let the luxury of a first class private jet take you across the world. With unrivalled local expertise, a pure passion for high-end travel and world contacts they can curate a dream experience that helps you to discover the delights of Indochina.


Start your once-in-a-lifetime private jet vacation in enticing Vietnam.  World famous stretches of sand littered with wooden fishing boats, majestic rivers, islands rising like dragons out of the sea and lost jungles are just a handful of reasons to visit the shores of Vietnam. The cultural explosion of traditional villages, painted rice fields, festivities and food overwhelm the senses in every way and elegant warmth of the locals is enough to break your heart. Reawaken your belief in fairy tales with a trip to the turquoise waters and sinkholes of Ha Long Bay. Pick up the pace in the fascinating French and Asian inspired streets of Hanoi and drift away in the dreamy floating markets and rural fish farms of the Mekong Delta. You can find paradise on earth in the carved grottos, silk sand beaches and startling topography of Quang Binh. Witness the underground river of the Phong Nha Caves, watch a million seagulls take flight on Bird Island and splash in the Bang Mineral Hot Springs.



Hailed as one of the last truly exotic destinations left on earth, Laos is rich in cultural heritage, abundant in natural beauty and alive in every sense of the word. The mouth-watering fusion of French meets east brings divine architecture, mesmerizing cuisine and incredible diversity. Adventure travel all begins on the shores of Vang Vieng with its soaring mountain cliffs, tumbling waterfalls and ebb of the Nam Song River. Buddhist temples, trundling brightly painted elephants and humble monks are waiting for you in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Luang Prabang. Be sure to swing by one of the world’s most incredible waterfalls at Kuang Si, tiers of cascading diamond pools shimmer against emerald green trees making diving in a truly magical experience. Explore the ancient temple ruins of Wat Phu, walk through the sacred forests and hidden villages of Katang and immerse yourself in the off the beaten track vibes of Laos.


Despite its tragic history, Cambodia remains one of the loveliest spots of ancient wonder to be found in the whole of the Southeast. Devoid of the backpacking crowds of Vietnam and Thailand you will be bowled over by the mystic temple ruins of Angkor Wat, the mayhem of the tuk tuk drivers of Phnom Penh and the deserted shores of Koh Rong. Sleepy little towns like Kampot and Kep are perfect for immersing yourself in traditional life whereas the epic sprawl and chattering monkeys of Angkor Wat will turn you into an adrenaline junkie. Take a deep breath and visit the killing fields outside of Phnom Penh to get a true understanding of Cambodia’s bloody past and its incredible ability to move forward into the future. Finally escape to the thick and luscious jungles where you can spot wild elephants through the trees, roaring waterfalls and forgotten cities.


The gates are finally open after years of hiding from Western eyes and Myanmar is bursting at the seams with sprawling ancient temples, exotic tides of street food and incredible lakes haunting in the mist. Yangon should be your first port of call in magical Myanmar with its awe inspiring golden spires of the Shwedagon Paya, the holiest site in the whole country. Take a hot air balloon ride over the temples dashed landscape of Bagan. In the blushing rose hues of the morning light you can see more than 2,000 pagodas stretching out into the horizon. Floating tomato fields, traditional fishing boats and misty ranges create the mise en scene for the wonder of Inle Lake and the untouched pure gossamer sands of Ngapali will transport your every sense to paradise.


The backpackers dream has so much more to give than moonlit parties on the sands, seedy hostels and a wealth of street food. Thailand is a whirlwind of floating markets, rising mountains, vibrant cities and Eden like parks and waterfalls. Swim in the amethyst and turquoise fairy pools of Erawan Falls, take a day to be an elephant herder in the jungles of  Chiang Mai and let the White Temple of Chiang Rai transport you to another world, one where carved beauty glitters beside ornate lakes. No exploration to the stunning shores of Thailand would be complete without soaking up the weird and wonderful aspects of Bangkok, from standing in the shadow of The Grand Palace to tuk tuking your way around the densely packed backstreets and sipping champagne in the Lebua Hotel, Bangkok is a world of contrast and color.

The roads between Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand are not for the faint of heart, therefore Presidential Private Jet Vacations recommends a short hop by private jet in between all destinations on this journey to save both time and hassle.

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