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Private Jet Tour of South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines and Australia

Drenched in sunshine, delectable dining and truly exotic sights of natural wonder, the smattering of countries across the Asia Pacific offer a sublime getaway for travelers looking to step off the map. From snorkeling across the majestic rainbow colors of the Great Barrier Reef to sipping Soju in Seoul in the small hours of the morning, this incredible collection of exciting destinations is sure to open up a plethora of unexplored paths.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations can whisk you into a world of the sublime, where ancient customs collide with modern technology, veiled canopies cover the rainforest, desert islands lie on the horizon and flora and fauna run wild. Where graceful temples sit under the gaze of skyscrapers and life either flies by like a bullet or slows into a languid dream.

South Korea

South Korea is a small stretch of sparkling jewels and, in contrast to its feisty neighbor to the North, coined as the Land of the Morning Calm. It’s a yin and yang world where modernity glitters like glass next to breathtaking ancient tradition. From spicy Korean BBQ to the pristine white sands and sultry atmosphere of Busan you can pick the perfect pace to suit your style in South Korea. Seoul is ideal for those who adore eccentric cities steeped in technology, shop for beautiful tailored fashion, visit the palace blessed by heaven and discover a world fired into the future. Jeju Island will tempt you to climb the summit and watch the sunrise as graceful flora blooms beneath your feet. The Upo Marsh is a startling wetland flooded with birds and the Bulguksa Temple with its grandiose grottos is a UNESCO wonder.

Hong Kong


From the signature skyline soaring to graze to the clouds to bright Asian markets that flood the senses, the crowds, the Big Buddha, the calming temples and the elegance of tea – Hong Kong is sure to dazzle you. Take a glass bottomed gondola to the tip of the Lantau peaks and see the shimmering city and the South China Sea spread out beneath you. Visit the Temples with their vivacious color, incense-cloaked charm and bold motifs adorning every surface, and hit the popular photography spot of Nathan Road where neon lights blaze at every turn on the oil slick city streets. Choose one of the city’s most luxurious hotels and spend an hour or two sipping the dreamiest tea from pristine china cups and nibbling on scones or take a trip around the best street food stalls with one of the locals to indulge in steaming fresh noodles and sweet milk. 


The Philippines are often nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient. With its crystal clear turquoise waters, pale white sands and colorful wooden fishing boats abandoned on the shore, this is somewhere you can breathe deep and feel at peace. From the lush carved rice terraces of Banaue to the chocolate hills in Bohol, you can embrace the surreal magic of this Eden like gem gifted by Mother Earth. Boracay is the poster child for the Philippines and for good reason, with award-winning beaches, fresh seafood and designer cocktails along with beautiful villas hidden in the hillsides and a vibrant pulse that beats all night long this is the place to be and be seen. For something a little more steeped in nature lose yourself in Puerto Princesa with its astonishing mirror like underground river to explore by boat, its untouched landscape carved from green and gold and its abundance of nature.  

Australia (West)

Sun, surf and sand are the clichés associated with Australia and for good reason, boasting highly sophisticated cities oozing with artistic appeal, dream island hideaways and the majestic spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef flanked by virginal rainforest, it’s no surprise that Australia ranks high as a bucket list destination. Exploring the world’s biggest reef is a must; this coral playground is a marine rich paradise perfect for early morning hot air balloon rides, afternoon splashes and snorkeling and starlit strolls across the silky sands. Fringing the Great Barrier Reef is the splendor of the Daintree Rainforest with its verdant canopied roof, singing waterfalls and amazing flora dating as far back as the Jurassic Period. For those who feel the need for a touch of city living after indulging in barefoot bliss along the wild coast, then Perth should be on your list. With a mining boom outside its doors, Perth is a vibrant city with plenty of undiscovered appeal. The city embodies the Australian easygoing spirit with its river and ocean beaches, cultural activities and a myriad of bars and restaurants. The botanical gardens of Kings Park are an obligatory stop as is hearing all about the gold rush days in the Perth Mint. Before going returning home, swing by Barossa Valley to enjoy legendary shirazes and bask in the hospitality and epicurean cuisine of one of Australia’s celebrated wine regions. If you prefer city life, Adelaide will surprise you with its laid back style: sample fresh produce at the Central Market, stroll through the streets on a bike or head to the galleries of elegant North Terrace. Whatever your preference, be sure to leave time for a behind-the-scenes tour of the famed New Adelaide Oval, a Test Cricket landmark.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations brings out the best in luxury travel. Discover the secrets and the glitz of Asia Pacific on your own terms with a tailor-made itinerary just for you and your party.

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