Private Jet Vacation to the Baltic States and Russia

Tucked away behind the Iron Curtain for so many years, the Baltics remain a hidden destination where not too many seem to tread. Yet now the final curtain has dropped, the Ex-Soviet states are open for exploration boasting a dazzling array of Baroness charm, baroque architecture, chic cosmopolitan cities, and endless fields of sunflowers turning your face to greet the sun. Culture in the Baltics is as thick and rich as stewed coffee from the ornate palaces of St. Petersburg to Riga’s regal castles, and everywhere you turn their history is steeped in highbrow literature, lavish art, classical music and extravagant dining fit for a Tsar.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations invites you to go beyond the grain and to discover a world of decadent heritage, luminous folklore and natural magic. From the elegant cities of Moscow and Vilnius to the summer playgrounds and private white shores of Latvia, this is your chance to get away from the expected and to discover something special.  


Old world luxury and natural bliss can be found scattered around the Northern shores of Estonia. Often compared to having an edge of Finnish charm you can embrace hipster style and delectable dining in trendy Tallinn, cycle through sparsely populated coastal villages, and in the dark throes of winter indulge in the ultimate off road experience on the infamous ice roads. Medieval Tallinn is where most start their Estonian journey, with its tight wound leafy cobblestone streets, boutique hotels dressed in historic splendor, midnight hot air balloon rides adrift over the twinkling city and artisan neighborhoods boasting black bread dishes and handmade delights. Fresh fields filled with ruby strawberries and long glittering stretches of sand paired with fisherman boats bobbing on the blue horizon make Nova in North-West Estonia one of the most simplistic romance spots for discovering the wild coast. Hiiumaa Island is said to be a haven for faeries and folklore but beneath the fables boasts glugs of clean open space, storybook lighthouses, wild horses and desolate beaches.


The spiraling pleasures to be found in Lithuania ensure that you can soak up the finely tuned spirit of the city, escape to silver slithers of sand on the stunning coast and delve into deep green forests filled with glittering lakes. Hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltics, Vilnius is a breath of Baroque architecture, gothic touches and 13th century turrets hidden amongst the tumble down buildings with peeling paint. The river winding through the city provides a perfect spot for sitting on the banks and sipping a glass of wine in the dappled afternoon sun and the rickety market stalls crammed into streets around Cathedral Square are worth exploring. Disappear into the silver dunes of the Curonian Spit where deer and elk stalk in the deep pine forests fringing the sea and deep regal blue lagoons shimmer in the sun. For castles sitting prettily on the blue lake shores you should be sure to visit the Trakai Historic National Park. Dip in and out of grandiose castles, trek through wild woods and stumble upon traditional villages, sweeping farmsteads and white sailboats gliding across the waters.


Latvia is a classy affair with her Old Town of Riga spilling over with cultural prowess, her wild windswept beaches, wide waterfalls, deep valleys of fragrant pines and agricultural villages that seem to have slipped back in time. Riga is the jewel in the crown when it comes to discovering the vibrant side of the country, cobblestoned streets, open air bars, the rising spires of churches and beautiful art nouveau buildings gather around the main square where locals can be found sipping coffee in the pale morning sun. Those seeking to explore the icy blue Baltic waters will fall in love with Jūrmala where thick pine forests pepper the starlight white shoreline and cozy villages nestle in the nooks of the craggy coast. Cape Kolka boasts a dramatic desolation that sinks into your bones as the Gulf of Riga ebbs and flows to meet the Baltic Sea. Bird song seeps out of the reeds and the endless blends of blue flood your eyes. Sigulda brims with ornate castles, thick carpets of manicured lawns, old wooden tangled churches and deep cave complexes begging to be explored.


The grace of Russia is rich and full, whether you are sipping vodka in the regal Moscow, tiptoeing through the artistic streets of St. Petersburg or embracing the thick fog of steam in the Valley of Geysers. Start your evocative journey through Russia in the dynasty of Moscow with its colorful curved spires of the St Basils Cathedral, historic splendor of Lenin’s Tomb and lavish hotels and eateries. The imperial charm of St. Petersburg is called the Venice of the North with its elegant tangle of canals, buzzing gallery scene and evocative museums laced with treasures. White nights in St Petersburg are worth celebrating as the sun barely dips her head before rising again sending the city into an endless summer day of celebration. Those who seek to leave the city behind should head to the exclusive Volcanoes of Kamchatka in the Valley of the Geysers, the exotic rising towers and castles in the mountains of Vovnushki and the ancient Urals to witness paranormal activity.

Skipping across the breadth of the Baltics can become a superior luxury with private jet travel. From the sun soaked beaches of Latvia to the literacy cities of Russia you can sit back and let Presidential Private Jet Vacations curate the perfect experience.

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