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Private Jet Vacation to Central America From Presidential Private Jet Vacations

From verdant green canopied jungles to pockets of ancient civilizations, surf swept beaches glistening with turquoise and gold and Maya Mountains that climb high to graze the roof of the world all make Central America a poetic place to swing by on your travels. Rich in eco-tourism, flamboyant in flavor and filled to the brim with wild adventure sports, this is your chance to slip out of sight and into a world where Mother Nature rules and the parties last all night.

More than a backpacker’s destination, Presidential Private Jet Vacations can show you the luxuries of Central America. From the volcanic trails and crimson lava landscapes of Costa Rica to the lazy canals and bright local tribal dances of Panama, it is time to start the adventure to the rhythm of this region.


Beautiful Belize with its sapphire cut blue holes, historic Maya ruins, rumbling jungles and tiny hidden beaches far from the beaten track is the ultimate romance destination in the whole of Latin America. This ornate collection of islands means that you can pick the Belize you want to experience, whether its flying high on the longest zip line in the world or healing your spiritual side with a local shaman deep in the woods. Scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole is a once in a lifetime experience but for those who don’t want to sink too deep you can also enjoy a private jet charter across the hole for bird’s eye views of this natural and rare phenomenon. Belize also boasts the second largest coral reef on Earth making it a sublime playground for snorkeling, kayaking and wildlife watching.



Hailed as the land of lakes and volcanoes you can find smoldering style and lavish luxury in the heartlands of Nicaragua. This Latin American spot is all about the elements, from powerful surf in San Juan del Sur to climbing sizzling volcanic rock, seeing the remnants of the political war that swept through Leon and digging your toes in the sand at Little Corn. Nica is the type of place where you will have one off experiences never to forget. You can volcano board down the Cerro Negro, pick up colorful artisan crafts at the markets and soak up rustic bliss at La Isla Ometepe with sea shack cabins and howler monkeys hanging from the boughs of the trees. For those who want to revel in city appeal, Leon boasts a blooming culinary scene, inspired museums and exciting galleries that seem to have one foot in the future and one foot in the past.

Costa Rica

The mythical playground of Costa Rica is one of nature’s greatest amusement parks boasting legendary surf, dense dark jungles, smoking volcanoes and baby turtles trundling across miles upon miles of pale white sand. Eco tourism is the name of the game and guests can stay everywhere from splendid treehouses to beach huts and national park resorts. Monteverde and Santa Elena are a must, perched on the edge of the silvery veiled cloud forests, this is the place to seek exotic flora and fauna, walk out into the mist and live the dream that is Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo is a sublime spot for sealovers with its rustic driftwood features, tropical vegetation, world class surf and hip young scene emerging from the beautiful fusion of cultures. Volcán Arenal is another experience to get you closer to the core of the Earth, when the stars flicker in the sky you can witness the wonder of Arenal erupting in a glaze of crimson lava and blood red stone.


Perfect Panama with its famed canal known for marrying the Atlantic to the Pacific offers so much more than winding waterways. From sipping rich dark coffee to exploring the endless forests, quaint villages, beautiful beaches and staggering mountains, you can discover the secrets of Panama with Presidential Private Jet Vacation. Snorkel the lively marine waters off the Island of Coiba, get a glimpse into the untapped culture of the Kuna people on the San Blas Islands and take the scenic trail along the Río Caldera and into a world of lush greenery, warm waterfalls and hanging tree branches. Explore the unchartered wonder of the misty highlands with its coffee plantations, eternal springs and incredible views of the fog drenched forests below. Panama City is another must for those who want to dazzle their senses with climbing skyscrapers, Latino rhythm and bustling cobblestone neighborhoods.

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