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Private Jet Vacation to France, Italy, Spain & Portugal

Europe is an encapsulating land of folklore, fine food, regal sights and ancient architecture. From the sweeping blue lavender fields of Provence to the scent of ripened coffee, sea salt and blood oranges in Porto, this is a continent that will capture your every sense and enrapture you with its stories of old. From tiny plates of tapas and flamenco color in Spain to old dusty books and the glittering golds of the Champs Elysees in Paris, Europe is one of the world’s greatest novels.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations can show you a tapestry of fable and fun, from the rolling shades of the Tuscan fields to the shimmering Mediterranean waters lapping at the Côte d’Azur, the soaring white and pink peaks of the Alps and the trendy artistic cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Private jet travel across trendsetting Europe will show you a decadent blend of old and new.


Everyone knows the secrets of the City of Love with its silky green Seine, glittering Eiffel Tower and swathe of luxury boutiques, yet France goes beyond the famous nature of Paris, and is a rich box of chocolates offering taste and texture at every turn. For wining and dining discover the mythical shores of Bretagne with its sea salt beer, glistening morning oysters, wild dunes and Camelot colors. Dip underground in Champagne and taste the bubbling nectar in sommelier fashion at some of the regions prettiest villages under a tangle of vineyards.

France is a sublime summer playground with incredible Basque dining and rolling surf on the beaches of Biarritz or tropical flair and gold soaked glitz on the Riviera. Hit the city streets of Marseille for a bowlful of bouillabaisse, cocktails in chic bars and sprawl of cultural charm. When winter hits you can climb to the diamond like tip of Chamonix Mont Blanc and go off piste in the Vallée Blanche.



All roads lead to Rome and with private jet vacations you can carve your own path in the sky and touch down in one of the world’s most incredible destinations. Stand in the shadow of the mighty sun glazed Coliseum, admire unique works of art at the Vatican, discover unpretentious back street dining in Trastevere and indulge in autochthonous gelato at the Trevi Fountain.  Those seeking to escape the city swell can hit the ornate rough around the edges beauty of Naples before jetting off to discover the sweeping hillside villages and lemon groves spilling down into the sea on the glory of the Amalfi Coast.

Romance lovers can touch down on the meandering waterways and masque balls that make Venice such a rare delight whereas those who adore fine art, rich velvet red wines and the fresh scent of cypress will lose their heart in Tuscany. Sicily is soaked in citrus scent, sparkling azure waters, old baroque towns and some of the best flavors to ever tantalize the taste buds.


The passion, the heat and the flamenco rhythms of life make Spain a must taste experience. With private jet travel this country of fire and flame can be your oyster from the surrealist architecture of Barcelona to the Moorish cobbled streets and spilling bougainvillea of Cordoba. For those who want a touch of true Spanish flair then head to Madrid for bullfights and tapas whereas Barcelona is the place to be for Gaudi inspired visions and sultry nightlife. From the cities to the sea, San Sebastian is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants sitting in the shadows of the fragrant Pyrenees Mountains and beside the foaming Atlantic Ocean.

With private jet travel a quick skip over the sea takes you to the dazzling display of the Canary Islands, a whirlwind of jeweled blue hues, warm water and luxury with Lanzarote’s volcanic sand beaches and the adrenaline kick watersports of Fuerteventura.  Back on the mainland you can tiptoe to the top of Toledo and visit some of the oldest sword makers who still grace the earth with their presence. Finish your pilgrimage under the famous architecture of the Santiago de Compostela.


Immersed in history and seasoned with a wilder side, Portugal is an evocative feast for the senses. Simple fresh food is thrown together to create delectable plates paired with mouth-watering wines and liquors. Many discerning travelers will head to Lisbon to be enchanted by the twinkling city lights that seem to climb the steep sided hills boasting winding alleys, gothic cathedrals and lively late night neighborhoods. Yet the allure of the Algarve is ever tempting with its fragrant olive groves and quaint white washed villages perched on the shores of the warm turquoise waters. 

With private jet travel you can seek out the floating oasis in the Atlantic and touch down on the lush fields of Madeira. Tropical flora spilling down the mountainside, fertile farms and fresh hand crafted wines make Madeira a truly off the beaten track retreat. Under the imposing splendor of a volcano you can find the Archipelago of the Azores perfect for whale watching, bathing in mineral springs and losing yourself in tiny seaside towns each with their own story to tell.

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