Qualia, Hamilton Island, Australia

The pavilion-style villas on the windward side of Qualia—a 30-acre resort on Hamilton Island, off the coast of Queensland—are surrounded by eucalyptus trees and offer private 9-foot-deep plunge pools and egg-shaped soaking tubs that overlook the Whitsunday Islands. Those on the leeward side (Qualia’s owner is an avid yachtsman) feature large, wooden decks overlooking the sea. Qualia’s spa menu lists several Aboriginal healing treatments, which usually involve burning wild rosella and quandong (white peach) leaves, soaking your feet in a liquid containing leaves and berries from the lilly-pilly tree, and receiving an aromatic-oil massage. During the spa’s signature Kodo massage, a therapist uses long, flowing strokes to soothe your body and mind—even if Qualia’s views have already accomplished this task.

+612.9433.3349, www.qualia.com.au

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